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June 12, 2024
Camino Network
Foundation Update

100,000 On-chain Transactions | 40 Active Projects | Token Public Sale Closing | Next Steps

As we approach Q3 2024, we are proud to highlight the development milestones achieved by Camino Network and its ecosystem of partners and individuals.

100,000 On-chain Transactions

We have recently surpassed a significant benchmark of 100,000 transactions — a testament to the real-world use cases already active and utilized within the web3 travel ecosystem. These transactions are all validated and secured by a steadily increasing number of validators, many of which are leading brands in travel and/or the blockchain technology industry.

40 Active Projects

Today, more than 40 projects are actively building Web3 travel applications on Camino Network. This growth reflects our commitment to fostering a reliable and vibrant ecosystem where innovation and connectivity reshape the travel experience.

These achievements are particularly noteworthy as they come before the Camino token (CAM) listing and underscore the intrinsic value and utility that Camino Network brings to the travel industry and every traveler today and in the future.

Token Public Sale Closing

We are nearing the conclusion of the Camino token (CAM) public Public Sale, set to close on June 17, 2024. This will mark another significant milestone for our community and bears a final opportunity to participate at the public sale price. We invite everyone interested in being a part of our journey to take action before this date. Any remaining tokens from the public sale tranches will be reserved for institutional investors.

New Integrations

Next, we will shift our focus to preparing for the token listing in Q4 2024. We are excited to announce that our integration with Fireblocks, an enterprise platform for building blockchain applications and managing digital asset operations, is in progress and will be completed in Q3 2024. This will benefit the leading crypto service providers, especially exchanges and custodians, by allowing them to store, transfer, and trade the CAM token with ease.

This integration will supercharge Camino as the travel network within the broader Web3 ecosystem, ultimately fulfilling our vision of transforming the travel landscape.

The Future

The future of Web3 travel technology is bright, and we are energized by these major developments in the last two quarters. We thank the entire community for their continuous support and trust. Together, we're building a more interconnected and efficient travel industry for everyone.

We understand the anticipation surrounding the upcoming token listing. Throughout the process, we want to ensure transparency and timely communication of all official details.

Thomas Stirnimann
Chairman of the Council
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